Mad River Outfitters

Misc. Fly Tying Tools

Clear Cure Goo Pro Curing LIght
specifially for CCG
Price: $32.95 
copic air brush starter set
super cool
Price: $29.95 
copic sketch markers for fly tying
as is or airbrush
Price: $6.59 
dr. slick bishop forceps tweezers
great set of tweezers for the bench or the stream
Price: $8.00 
Dyna-King Hook Dispenser
great product for the bench
Price: $21.25 
EZ Hopper Leg Tool
makes hopper legs easy
Price: $12.29 
fishpond flatiron tool pouch
super handy
Price: $24.95 
Fly Tyers Hot Point
burn eye sockets on bass bugs and other uses
Price: $26.95 
Flymen Fly Tester
try your flies!
Price: $285.00 
gallows parachute tool
for parachutes
Price: $15.95 
griffin head cement applicator jars
needle or brush in cap
Price: $4.45 
Griffin Bobbin Threader/Cleaner
must have tools
Price: $4.10 
griffin hook and hackle gauge
standard, must have tying tool!
Price: $6.00 
Hook and Bead Dish
single or double- great for the bench
Price: $4.50 
Lazy Susan Tool Holder
great caddy from Oasis
Price: $59.95 
Life Cycle Wing Stencil Set
create realistic wing shapes easily
Price: $13.89 
Loon Mixing Cup
keep it clean
Price: $7.50