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Saltwater Fly Lines

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Saltwater Fly Lines from the best in the business! Our choices for the Salt!
A variety of different lines for different situations that are all listed here to save jumping all over the place. These are our favorites from some of the best manufacturers in the saltwater fly line business.
Be sure to see our "Cool Saltwater Stuff" for a variety of products  you may find useful in the salt.
Mastery Textured- Saltwater
Regular Price: $84.95
On Sale For: $42.47
Rio Permit
Price: $89.95
SA Mastery Bonefish
Price: $74.95
SA Mastery Tarpon
Price: $79.95
SA Sharkwave Saltwater taper fly line
Price: $99.95
SA Mastery Billfish Taper Fly Line
Regular Price: $79.95
On Sale For: $31.98
fly fishing stripping guards
Price: $6.00