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Abel Fly Reels

Some of the finest fly reels ever made....they really don't need any introduction. It is an honor to sell fly reels of this quality!
 Abel's mission statement: "To design, and build the best, most dependable gear available and give world class customer service."
Abel reels are in a class by themselves. American craftsmanship, quality componentry, unmatched hand-painted finishes- these are just a few of the things that set Able aside from it's peers.

A fly reel is made up of more components than many people realize, and most manufacturers only create a handful of these pieces in house. Not Abel!. At their Camarillo, California facility EVERY SINGLE PIECE of each reel is hand-made, hand-anodized, hand-polished, and hand assembled- right down to the handles and the screws that hold them in place. By eliminating outsourcing, they are able to maintain the level of quality control that others cannot begin to claim, all while helping to support the American economy.

Mad River Outffitters is proud to be a dealer for Abel Fly Reels and we have been so for over 18 years now!!!

NEW! Build your own Abel HERE and you'll be purchasing through MRO!!!
Abel Classic Fly Reel
as the name implies- 3/4/5
Price: $450.00 
Abel Super 5N Dancing Bears
189 of 250
Price: $925.00 
Abel Super 3N
great 3/4 wt
Price: $450.00 
Abel TR Series
they're back!
Price: $275.00 
Abel Super 4N

great 4/5 wt

Price: $500.00 
Abel Super 4N Fly Reel Brown Trout
absolutely gorgeous
Price: $700.00 
Abel Super 5N
the perfect 5/6 wt reel!
Price: $575.00 
Abel Super 6N
awesome 6/7 wt
Price: $625.00 
Abel Super 7/8N
may be the best!
Price: $700.00 
Abel Super 9/10N Fly Reel

new for 2013
Price: $825.00 
Abel Super 12W

super wide- more backing

Price: $390.00 
Abel Pliers #2
simply some of the finest pliers made! #2 pliers and sheaths
Price: $155.00 
Abel Pliers #4
a bottle opener in the handle!
Price: $175.00 
Abel Plier/Knife Combo
another premium accessory
Price: $395.00 
Abel Blade
The finest
Price: $200.00 
abel hybrid hemostats
leave it to Abel!
Price: $125.00 
Abel Nippers
just awesome!
Price: $50.00 
Abel Nippers in custom colors
same price on colors
Price: $50.00 
Abel Lanyard
perfect companion for the nippers!
Price: $25.00 
Abel Nippers in fish graphics
hand painted
Price: $100.00