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Fly Tying Vises

We carry vises from Regal, Renzetti, Dyna King, Anvil, Griffin, and more! If you don't see what you need here, let us know and we'll be happy to help!
Anvil Apex Vise
unbelievable value
Price: $110.00 
Dyna-King Barracuda Jr. TREKKER
 lightweight version of the famous Barracuda
Price: $275.00 
Dyna-King Barracuda Vise
one of the best vises ever made!
Price: $415.00 
orvis ez rotary fly tying vise
great value
Price: $69.00 
griffin odyssey spider fly tying vise
true rotary for under $100.00
Price: $92.00 
griffin superior 1a fly tying vise
great value!
Price: $53.00 
griffin superior 2a fly tying vise
best value and performance!
Price: $65.00 
hmh tube spinner vise
The one to have!
Price: $145.00 
regal inex fly tying vise
one great vise for the price
Price: $120.00 
regal traditional fly tying vise bronze base
bronze pedestals!
Price: $250.00 
regal revolution fly tying vise
c-clamp and bronze pedestals
Price: $400.00 
regal medallion c-clamp standard jaws
one of the best fly tying vises ever made!
Price: $165.00 
Renzetti Master Vise
does it all, shouldn't it?
Price: $665.95 
Renzetti Presentation 2000
Awesome cam offering from Renzetti
Price: $299.95 
Renzetti Presentation 3000
True Rotary!
Price: $369.95 
Renzetti Presentation 4000
True Rotary!
Price: $399.95 
Renzetti Special Edition Deluxe Master
wow what a vise!
Price: $799.95