Mad River Outfitters

Float Tubes/Belly Boats

Featured here are some of our favorite float tubes/belly boats from Buck's Bags and The Creek Company. Please remember that this is just a sampling of what we normally carry in the shop, we can certainly get our hands on just about anything out there, but we have found these particular models to be some of the best values in the business.
Buck's Bags Bullet HC
the best U-boat there is!
Price: $450.00 
Buck's Bag's Cutthroat
great  quality tube.....that will last!
Price: $200.00 
Buck's Bags Hi and Dri II
has set the standard since 1981!
Price: $275.00 
Buck's Bags High Adventure Float Tube
great value- great design
Price: $160.00 
Buck's Bags Mustang
no crossbar!
Price: $350.00 
The Original U-Boat
The original open-front float tube!
Price: $129.99