Mad River Outfitters


We all have built-in line the form of teeth. Trust are better off with a good set of Nippers. Below is a selection of some of our favorite line nippers/clippers in a variety of price points.

Abel Lanyard
perfect companion for the nippers!
Price: $25.00 
Abel Nippers
just awesome!
Price: $50.00 
Abel Nippers in custom colors
same price on colors
Price: $50.00 
Abel Nippers in fish graphics
hand painted
Price: $100.00 
Comfy Grip Tungsten Carbide Nippers
great nippers from Orvis
Price: $13.95 
Eco Nippers
great value from Eco
Price: $4.95 
Fishpond Barracuda Aluminum Clippers
orange or loden
Price: $29.95 
orvis nippers
from Orvis
Price: $12.95 
dr slick nipper, hemo and zinger gift set
from Dr. Slick
Price: $38.50 
simms nippers
three colors
Price: $29.95