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Cool Hats

Just a quick place to find some cool hats! Be sure to see the Hats and Gloves category for more options as well!
filson summer packer hat
classy sun protection
Price: $55.00 
filson tin cloth leather cap
retro cool
Price: $55.00 
filson tin cloth wildfowl hat
an absolute classic
Price: $70.00 
dr slick hat keeper
keep that hat from sailing away
Price: $4.50 
patagonia roger that hat fitzroy trout classic
fitzroy trout classic
Price: $29.00 
patagonia trucker hat climb a mountain
climb a mountain
Price: $29.00 
patagonia trucker hat fitzroy trout camo
fitzroy trout camo
Price: $29.00 
simms deyoung artist series trucker cap cork
DeYoung artwork
Price: $24.95 
simms deyoung artist series trucker cap nightfall
DeYoung artwork
Price: $24.95 
simms g4 cap
waterproof and breathable
Price: $39.95