Mad River Outfitters

Offshore Flies

All flies tied on chemically sharpened hooks and come from reputable manufacturers like Umpqua, Orvis, Spirit River, Rainy's and others.
Great selection of flies for bluewater.......offshore flies. For the big boys in big water.
barracuda fly
the one to have
Price: $4.45 
Enrico's Big Eyes
formulated for peacock bass but great on any large fish
Price: $8.60 
Figure 8- Scherer's
legendary fly!
Price: $5.95 
Flip's Trust Me Sailfish Fly
the only ones you need!
Price: $14.99 
Price: $0.00 
peacock reducer
for peacocks and more!
Price: $8.95 
Robrahn's Bluewater costa rican hooker
Go Big or Go Home
Price: $19.95 
Robrahn's Bluewater
absolutely huge!
Price: $19.95 
Robrahn's Bluewater Fly skip jack
Go Big or Go Home
Price: $19.95 
lefty's shark and cuda fly chartreuse
Price: $5.95 
lefty's shark and cuda fly red orange
the one to have according to Lefty
Price: $5.95