Mad River Outfitters

Vise Accessories

Collect-All Pedestal Version
shorter bag from Dyna-King
Price: $30.75 
Dyna-King Profile Plate
profile plate provides a white background
Price: $39.00 
griffin collect all fly tyers waste basket
vise waste basket from Griffin
Price: $26.95 
oasis pedestal base
turns any vise into a pedestal vise
Price: $39.90 
regal bobbin holder
Price: $15.00 
Renzetti Bobbin Cradle
a favorite design
Price: $46.95 
Renzetti Pedestal Base w/7" stem
pedestal base and stem
Price: $54.95 
hmh starter tube tool
Works in any vise that holds 2/0 hooks
Price: $24.95