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 A quick-reference page to keep you up-to-date with what is new at Mad River!
Some of this stuff may be new to all...some just new to MRO....and some just really cool items that we don't want you to miss!
abel hybrid hemostats
leave it to Abel!
Price: $125.00 
Abel SD 4/5 black
sealed drag
Price: $550.00 
Abel SD 4/5 olive
sealed drag
Price: $625.00 
Abel Super 5N Dancing Bears
189 of 250
Price: $925.00 
Abel Zinger
Price: $50.00 
clear cure goo flexible syringe
soft, chewy and supple
Price: $12.95 
clear cure goo pearly fleck syringe
with pearlescent glitter
Price: $11.95 
Clear Cure Goo Pro Curing LIght
specifially for CCG
Price: $32.95 
clear cure goo syringe kit
perfect introduction
Price: $54.95 
clear cure goo thick syringe
doesn't flow as fast
Price: $11.95 
thin clear cure goo syringe
best seller
Price: $11.95 
Comfy Grip Tungsten Carbide Nippers
great nippers from Orvis
Price: $13.95