Mad River Outfitters

Dubbing, Fur, Zonkers

Ice Dub
Add some flash to your flies!
Price: $2.39 
Ice Dub Dispenser
12 of the hottest colors!
Price: $16.50 
Kaufmann's Stonefly Blends
Specialty Stonefly Dubbing
Price: $2.95 
Life Cycle Caddis Dispenser
life cycle nymph dubbing
Price: $13.95 
Muskrat Fur
belly and back pieces
Price: $1.50 
Opossum Fur
Price: $1.50 
pro finn raccoon
much sought after
Price: $17.00 
marble arctic fox from pro tube
the best!
Price: $8.50 
Pseudo Seal Dubbing
Seal substitute
Price: $2.59 
Rabbit Dubbing
The bread and butter of Dubbings!
Price: $1.49 
Rabbit Dubbing Dispenser
one of our favorites for nymphs and wets
Price: $11.95 
Sculpin Wool/Lambs Wool
variety of uses
Price: $1.95 
Senyo's Laser Dub
critical stuff!
Price: $2.49 
Snowshoe Rabbit's Foot
Great winging material!
Price: $4.95 
Sow Bug & Scud Dubbing
Specialty blends for sow bugs and scuds.
Price: $1.99 
Squirrel Brite Dubbing
LiteBrite & Squirrel Blend
Price: $2.19 
Squirrel Skins
Pine, Fox and Gray
Price: $12.95 
Squirrel Zonker Strips
gray, fox and pine
Price: $2.95