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Scientific Anglers Fly Lines

Scientific Anglers has been the un-disputed leader in fly lines for years and that is not going to change soonHere is a listing of our favorites from SA but remember we can always get you any product from their catalog.
SA Sharkwave Siege Fly Line
for Big Flies and Streamers
Price: $99.95 
Mastery Textured Trout Stalker
new for 2012
Price: $84.95 
Mastery Textured- Nymph/Indicator
designed by Kelly Galloup
Price: $84.95 
Textured Titan Taper
for big nasties
Price: $84.95 
SA Textured Streamer Express
now 50% OFF
Price: $44.98 
SA Mastery Uniform Sink Plus
Class III and V graduated density sinking lines
Price: $79.95 
SA Mastery Bonefish
sets the standard
Price: $74.95 
SA Intermediate Tarpon Line
sinks slowly, just below the chop
Price: $79.95 
SA Mastery Tarpon
big gun launcher
Price: $79.95 
SA Custom Cut Express Tips
great idea!
Price: $19.95 
SA Mastery Textured Magnum
one of our favorites- 40% OFF
Price: $50.97