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Tenkara Level Line

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The best tenkara level line anywhere: very little memory right out of the spool, the right stiffness for casting, and most importantly VERY HIGH VISIBILITY! This is the preferred line used by Dr. Hisao Ishigaki, leading tenkara authority in Japan. 

Our tenkara level line is a special formula of fluorocarbon, that was specifically formulated for tenkara with good visibility, low memory and best castability being the main criteria. Fluorocarbon is the chosen material for it has the right weight, density and stiffness to be cast with tenkara yet can be kept off the water at long distances for no drag on the line - (*pieces of the main line do not have to be cut if you use our suggested knots, thus it is not damaging to the environment). 

20meter (65ft) spools.

Traditional Lines or Level Lines?
We like to recommend you try both the traditional lines and level line as you may quickly find a preference for one of them. 

***please note that the current #4.5 level lines are the NEW formulation and they are PINK and not the yellow pictured. We'll get new pictures up just as soon as we can.

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