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Cool Flies for Hot Fish- DVD




The flies used to catch Great Lakes steelhead and salmon are as diverse as the waters where these fish are found. In "Cool Flies for Hot Fish" you will learn to tie more than a dozen patterns that have proven productive over the years.

Your hosts, Brian Flechsig and Jerry Darkes present a variety of simple-to-tie egg and attractor patterns, as well as nymphs and streamers. These flies have proven effective for steelhead and salmon fishing throughout the Great Lakes region. With each pattern, you will get an in depth look at the fly and detailed tying instruction, along with some on-stream fishing action!

Jerry Darkes has more than thirty years of fly tying experience, he is also a well known guide, author and Sales rep in the fly fishing industry. Brian Flechsig has tied flies for well over two decades and is the owner of one of the Midwest's largest fly fishing and steelhead outfitters Both experts have taught fly tying to hundreds of students and are accomplished steelhead anglers who have fished extensively throughout the Great Lakes region.

"Cool Flies for Hot Fish" DVD- with Brian Flechsig and Jerry Darkes- over 70 minutes of fly tying instruction

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