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Renzetti Master Vise



The Master Vise is so named because it does it all. Featuring a jaw mechanism that will securely hold hooks from a 28 to a 10/0, this is the vise for the tyer who turns out everything from tiny trout flies to feather duster size billfish offerings. If you are a production tyer or a serious saltwater buff, this is the vise to own. The Master has the traditional rotary actuator that allows the tyer to rotate the jaws by spinning the rotary arm. Without question, the Master vise is the most advanced and most versatile vise available today. Pedestal or C-Clamp available.
Other options of the Renzetti Master vise include the Master vise head only and the Master Vise w/Deluxe SW Pedestal base. Just let us know if you are interested.

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