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 A quick-reference page to keep you up-to-date with what is new at Mad River!
Some of this stuff may be new to all...some just new to MRO....and some just really cool items that we don't want you to miss!
Orvis PractiCaster
wow is this cool!

Price: $39.00 
orvis silver sonic guide waders
awesome waders!
Price: $395.00 
orvis safe passsage rolling vented duffle
great selling bag
Price: $259.00 
Orvis Women's Sling Pack
Classic piece
Price: $89.00 
Orvis Women's Silver Sonic Convertible Waders
fantastic women's waders
Price: $279.00 
party girl steelhead intruder fly
Swing Up Steelhead
Price: $5.95 
patagonia men's a/c shirt del corte classic navy
a classic
Price: $79.00 
patagonia men's a/c shirt bulito white
a classic
Price: $79.00 
patagonia men's a/c shirt santa ana coral
a classic
Price: $79.00 
patagonia ultralight wading shoes
wow these are light
Price: $179.00 
patagonia vest front sling
best in category!
Price: $89.00 
patagonia women's versatility top desert turquoise
super soft
Price: $45.00 
patagonia women's versatility top lilac bisque
organic cotton and tencell
Price: $45.00 
redington butter stick fiberglass fly rods
great deal on fiberglass
Price: $249.95