Mad River Outfitters

New in Fly Tying

New Fly  Tying Items Found Here!
Dura Skin
thin, textured vinyl- great new idea for bodies and wing cases etc.
Price: $2.75 
Egg Veil
great addition to any egg fly
Price: $2.25 
natural emu feathers
perfect nymph gills
Price: $2.75 
Enrico Puglisi Crab Claws
we also use these on crayfish!
Price: $4.69 
fish masks
"best of show" product
Price: $5.50 
flymen fishing company fish skulls
weighted heads for streamers
Price: $6.65 
fishpond road trip fly tying kit
great kit bag from Fishpond
Price: $89.95 
Flashabou- Saltwater
super sized!
Price: $3.95 
speckled flashabou
awesome stuff
Price: $3.69 
Fly Foam- Cross Link 2mm
standard thin fly foam
Price: $2.49 
Fly Foam- Evazote 1/8"
slightly more open-celled
Price: $3.49 
Fly Rattles
pointed end pyrex rattles
Price: $2.95 
Fly Tying LED Light
what a deal!
Price: $22.95 
Flymen Fly Tester
try your flies!
Price: $285.00 
Gamakatsu Drop Shot Hooks
great for tube flies
Price: $4.89