Mad River Outfitters

Midges and Tricos

Our selection of small flies! Tricos are important to us in the summertime and Midges can be important almost any time! Great selection here...all tied on chemically sharpened hooks by companies like Orvis, Rainy's, Umpqua and Spirit River.

traditional midge larva
Price: $1.75 
matt's midge brian/ryan midge
a great, great midge pattern
Price: $1.95 
chironomid larva bloodworm fly
must have especially for the winter months
Price: $1.65 
disco midge nymph pattern
this one gets their attention
Price: $1.65 
griffith's gnat dry fly
a must have for midge fishing
Price: $1.65 
icsi midge dry fly
I Can See It!
Price: $1.65 
JuJu Baetis fly
Price: $1.95 
miracle nymph
great midge larva
Price: $1.65 
ak's trico dun
great trico pattern from A.K. Best
Price: $1.95 
krystal wing trico spinner
our favorite Trico spinner
Price: $1.65 
trico thorax dun dry fly
our favorite tie
Price: $1.95 
zebra midge fly
a favorite of many
Price: $1.95