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Cliff Fly Boxes and Others

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Some cool boxes from our friends in Wyoming....Cliff Outdoors. The Bugger Barn is a fantastic large streamer box and the new Bugger Beasts are great for all types of flies but make especially great boat boxes for large saltwater/pike/bass type flies.
The new Waterproof boxes from SA are really cool too and featured here. Good looking designs and functional.
big cliff fly box
Price: $17.95
bugger barn fly box cliff outdoors
Price: $21.95
cliff bugger beasts
Price: $39.95
float patch cliff outdoors
Price: $9.95
Cliff Pink fly box
Price: $22.00
Cliff SP Leaf
Price: $18.00
the deuce fly box from cliff outdoors
Price: $20.00
Cliff's Crab Shack
Price: $22.00
Day's Worth Fly Box
Price: $12.95
Fishpond Sushi Roll
Price: $29.95
the swinger fly box from cliff outdoors
Price: $24.00
Vedavoo ARC Fly Pack
Price: $24.00