Mad River Outfitters

Bass- Poppers, Petes and Frogs

All flies are tied on chemically sharpened hooks and come from reputable manufacturers like Umpqua, Orvis, Spirit River, Rainy's and others.
Below is a listing of some of our favorite Bass Poppers and sliders. Also listed is a selection of frog type patterns. Remember....if you can't find what you need here, let us know and we'll be happy to help.
Bass Popper
good quality large poppers
Price: $5.95 
boogle bug amnesia bug
perfect panfish popper
Price: $4.50 
boogle bullet chartreuse
improved sneaky pete
Price: $5.00 
boogle bullet mossy green
great color
Price: $5.00 
boogle bullet orange
power pumpkin
Price: $5.00 
boogle bullet white
Price: $5.00 
boogle popper chartreuse
Price: $5.00 
boogle popper pearly white
mossy green
Price: $5.00 
messinger frog
the Famous
Price: $6.50 
owen's baby bass popper shiner popper
sexy fly
Price: $5.95 
frog pencil popper
smaller size!
Price: $3.95 
saltwater peacock popper dorado
Price: $6.95 
dahlberg skipper frog
designed to be dragged over moss or lilly pads
Price: $5.95 
jim stewart's dancing frog fly
one of our favorite frog patterns
Price: $6.95 
Swimming Frog
great tie!
Price: $7.95 
granato's totally amphibious frog fly
aka The Man Frog
Price: $8.95 
ward's froglet fly
Price: $2.95 
ward's toadlet fly
catches fish!
Price: $2.95