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EP Fibers- 3D

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EP Fibers- 3D
Enrico Puglisi's EP 3D fibers are 10 inches in length, amazingly transluscent, and have an action between marabou and bucktail. They come in a variety of colors that makes them perfect for imitating large baitfish such as menhaden, herring, mackerel and mullet as well as many 1 to 2 inch baitfish and sculpins. Large flies tied with these fibers are lightweight and can be easily cast up to 90 feet because the first backcast removes all of the water from the fly. Use your imagination, and there is no limit to the flies you can create with these fibers, from the smallest rainbow to the largest billfish fly. The new 3D fibers help you achieve what you haven't been able to do before.....perfectly blended colors to match the hatch!
* Please see the regular EP fibers for some of the basic solid colors like red and white

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