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New in Fly Tying

New Fly  Tying Items Found Here!
Renzetti Special Edition Deluxe Master
wow what a vise!
Price: $799.95 
flymen fishing company sculpin helmets
from Flymen
Price: $6.65 
Senyo's Laser Dub
critical stuff!
Price: $2.49 
senyo's predator wrap
hot material!
Price: $5.95 
ice dub shimmer fringe
game changing streamer material
Price: $5.25 
ice dub minnow back shimmer fringe
super cool stuff
Price: $5.25 
Spey Plumes
ostrich suitable for winding
Price: $2.95 
squirmy wormies fly tying material
transform your San Juan worms!
Price: $2.19 
dr slick large stainless hair stacker
the heavyweight of stackers
Price: $21.00 
Stonfo Half Hitch Tool Set
what a cool tool!!!
Price: $8.75 
Stonfo Long Spring Hackle Pliers
why didn't we think of this?
Price: $8.49 
streamers on steroids fly tying dvd from kelly galloup
Kelly Galloup DVDStr
Price: $24.95 
Tear Mender
for gluing rabbit strips and hides
Price: $8.25