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New in Fly Tying

New Fly  Tying Items Found Here!
Lazy Susan Tool Holder
great caddy from Oasis
Price: $79.95 
Lip-Stik Mayfly Bodies
very realistic mayfly extension bodies
Price: $2.49 
fish skull Living Eyes- Earth
Price: $3.25 
fish skull Living Eyes- Fire
Price: $3.25 
Fish Skull Living Eyes- Ice
Price: $3.25 
Fish Skull Living Eyes- Wind
Price: $3.25 
Loon Mixing Cup
keep it clean
Price: $7.50 
Marabou- Grizzly Patches
now 50% OFF
Price: $7.09 
Marabou- Mottled
very unique!
Price: $4.99 
McFly Foam- Clown Package
all the colors needed for the clown egg
Price: $3.49 
Midge Cactus Chenille
cool stuff
Price: $2.80 
minnow body wrap
used for the game changer
Price: $4.99 
mottled peacock wing quill
great mottling
Price: $9.75 
Mottled Web Wing
great for wings of any type!
Price: $2.95 
flymen fishing company nymph heads beads
premium tungsten beads- with eyes
Price: $6.95 
Polar Chenille- UV
great addition to any streamer/steelhead
Price: $3.49