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SAGE Fly Rods

Sage Fly RodsSAGE is pretty much the undisputed leader in fly rod technology. The name alone simply evokes visions of tight-loops! We are proud to be a dealer for the King of Fly Rods and have listed their entire line-up here.

If you have any questions about selecting the right rod for you, please give us a call or drop us an e-mail......we are passionate about selling SAGE fly rods and equipment.

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Sage Accel Fly Rods
"best of show"
Price: $595.00 
sage method fly rods
Price: $800.00 
sage motive fly rods
affordable salwater rods
Price: $425.00 
sage musky fly rod
Price: $595.00 
sage pike fly rod
Price: $595.00 
Sage Salt fly rods
"Best of Show" - 2014
Price: $850.00 
SAGE Circa fly rods
incredible feel

Price: $745.00 
sage grace fly rod
Casting for Recovery
Price: $495.00 
SAGE One Elite fly rod
Total elegance!

Price: $1,295.00 
sage one 3 weight fly rods
great addition

Price: $770.00 
sage 4 weight fly rods
8'6"- 10'

Price: $765.00 
sage one 5 weight fly rods
8'6"- 10'

Price: $770.00 
sage one 6 weight fly rods
absolutely phenomenal!

Price: $775.00 
sage one 7 weight fly rods

Price: $780.00 
sage one 8 weight fly rods
this is the one!

Price: $780.00 
sage one 9 weight fly rod

Price: $785.00 
sage one 10 weight fly rod
new for 2012

Price: $785.00 
SAGE Response fly Rods
best in class at $395

Price: $395.00 
SAGE Approach fly Rods
$295 from Sage

Price: $295.00 
sage txl-f fly rods
the lightest touch!

Price: $625.00