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We will be listing products here that we have on SALE at the shop....overstocks, discontinued and seasonal items. 

Thanks for checking with us and if you have any questions, feel free to give us a call or e-mail us! 
Safe Passage Micro Chest Pack
now 40% OFF
Price: $39.00 
simms dry creek tech pouch
handy! and now 40% OFF
Price: $11.97 
simms freestone wading shoes vibram rubber soles
industry staple- now 40% OFF
Price: $83.97 
simms guide jacket
industry standard- now 30% OFF
Price: $209.97 
simms rivershed wading boots
now 40% OFF
Price: $107.97 
SP Wader Tote
now 40% OFF
Price: $41.40 
Teeny Mini-Tip Fly Lines
5' sinking tip!- 50% OFF
Price: $29.00 
Teeny T-Series Fly Lines
the original! now 50% OFF
Price: $31.00 
Trout Skin Plastic Boxes
nice fly boxes at 40% OFF
Price: $14.98 
Wulff Triangle Taper Sink Tips
10' or 12' head- 40% OFF
Price: $32.98 
big sky carvers love to fish vanity plate wall art
now 50% OFF
Price: $21.48 
Bruce Chard's Grand Slam
mastery textured saltwater- 50% OFF
Price: $42.48 
Mastery Textured- GPX
now 40% OFF
Price: $50.97 
mad river outfitters brown trout kype t-shirt
now 50% OFF
Price: $14.98 
mad river outfitters logo ebbtide shirt putty
now 50% OFF
Price: $29.98 
mad river outfitters logo ebbtide shirt turtle grass
now 1/2 price!
Price: $29.98 
mad river outfitters geo bass t-shirt
now 50% OFF
Price: $14.97 
Orvis Hydros 3D Trout Taper
now 1/2 price!
Price: $47.50 
Orvis Hydros Power Taper
40% OFF
Price: $47.40