Mad River Outfitters

Hemostats and Pliers

Great selection of Hemostats and pliers for fly fishing. Featured products are of course from Dr. Slick and Abel.
abel hybrid hemostats
leave it to Abel!
Price: $125.00 
Abel Lanyard
perfect companion for the nippers!
Price: $25.00 
Abel Plier/Knife Combo
another premium accessory
Price: $395.00 
Abel Pliers #2
simply some of the finest pliers made! #2 pliers and sheaths
Price: $155.00 
Abel Pliers #4
a bottle opener in the handle!
Price: $175.00 
dr slick 5" prism clamps hemostats
extra layer of protection
Price: $16.50 
dr. slick bishop forceps tweezers
great set of tweezers for the bench or the stream
Price: $8.00 
dr slick hemostats forceps
standard hemostats from Dr. Slick!
Price: $13.50 
dr. slick cuda pliers
from Dr. Slick
Price: $30.00 
Dr. Slick Mitten Clamps
great with gloves/mittens
Price: $19.00 
Dr. Slick Preparation Scissors
the big dog!
Price: $39.00 
dr slick spring creek clamps hemostats
straight or curved
Price: $14.50 
Eco 6" Clamps/Hemos
 great value hemos
Price: $7.95