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The Fish-Skull™ CrawBody is a realistic, anatomically correct crayfish (“crawdad”) exoskeleton made of a light-weight, synthetic suede material. They are easy to use enabling even a novice fly tier to create simple, but effective crayfish imitations.

Once in the river, the suede fabric absorbs water, gets a little darker and takes on a very natural looking “leathery” appearance. The suede becomes softer, resulting in much more action from the free-moving crayfish claws. These flies need to be fished deep, on the bottom where crayfish typically hide. Tie your flies in a hook upwards position and use lead wraps on the shank or a dumbbell to weight the fly. For the medium sized CrawBody,  another option is to use a small size Sculpin Helmet (which is luckily about the same profile and size as a real crayfish head).

There are four sizes (small,medium,large and x-large). The small size will be a suitable size to match with #8 or #6 streamer (4XL) hooks, the medium size will be a suitable size to match with a #4 or #2 streamer (4XL) hook, the large size will be suitable to match with a #1 or #2 streamer hook (4XL) and the x-large size will be suitable for a #1 or larger streamer hook (4XL).

During testing they proved to be extremely effective, especially for trout and smallmouth bass. We suspect the key success factors are a combination of 3 main factors:

* Profile — the correct body shape allows fish to instantly recognize a known food source.
* Movement — the synthetic suede claws have a realistic action in the water.
* Weight — weighting the fly properly gets the fly down into the place where fish would expect to see crayfish

8 CrawBodies per package. In brown and olive

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