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Rio Powerflex Trout Leaders




Rio's Powerflex Trout Leaders help you cast better and fish more effectively. The powerful butt section provides unsurpassed wind penetration and easily turns over heavy indicator rigs, while the soft, flexible tippet delivers tiny dries with delicate precision. Advanced copolymer strength allows confident hook sets and greater landing percentages.

* Aggressive high-performance taper
* Long, powerful butt section with soft, flexible tippet
* Maximum strength and abrasion resistance
* Although labeled as "Trout" leaders they work equally as well for any freshwater species
* Sold here in the 9' version which is by far the best seller for good reason
* 1 leader per package

OX = .011" 15lb
1X = .010" 13lb
2X = .009" 10lb
3X = .008" 8.2lb
4X = .007" 6.4lb
5X = .006" 5lb

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