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SALE Flies

Bass Popper- Shad
now on SALE
Price: $3.00 
bead head poxyback pmd nymph fly
staple nymph at 50% OFF
Price: $1.25 
Big Sky Salmon Fly
now 50% OFF
Price: $1.50 
Black and Yellow Fighter- Tube
very versatile
Price: $2.98 
Black Larry- Baetis
excellent early season nymph
Price: $0.90 
Chain Reaction Leech
now at 50% OFF
Price: $2.50 
Clouser's Crayfish
now on SALE
Price: $1.79 
Cranefly Adult
$1.00 each
Price: $1.00 
Fat Man Ant
now on SALE
Price: $1.25 
senyo's gangsta intruder fly
three colors
Price: $2.98 
gummy bugger olive
now at $2.00 each
Price: $2.00 
Hog Caller Hopper
killer pattern! now $1.50
Price: $1.50 
Jack's Fighting Crab
the velcro crab- $1.99
Price: $1.99 
kwan's bonefish fly
#1 selling keys bonefish fly
Price: $1.99 
Lefty's Deceiver
Price: $3.95 
great for Alaska
Price: $1.99 
Neil creek slider
Fleeing Baitfish
Price: $1.75 
Oragne Bitch Dog- Tube
now on SALE
Price: $2.98