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Tenkara Rods

Tenkara is the traditional Japanese method of fly-fishing where only a rod, line and fly are used. It originated and was perfected over centuries in the mountain-streams of Japan by commercial anglers. It is the ideal method of fly-fishing mountain streams but now many Americans are adapting it for many other uses.
Tenkara is about fly fishing simplicity. It eliminates unnecessary complexities to let anglers enjoy their fly-fishing experience. The ultra-light and portable gear is great for backpacking and hiking, 11-14 foot long rods collapse down to 20 inches. The long rods allow anglers to effectively fish challenging streams with ease. Casting a very light line and holding it off the water across intervening currents allows anglers to fish in ways almost impossible with western fly fishing. Tenkara can be seen as a tool to practice fly-fishing in any way (e.g. with any flies or techniques), or it can be seen as the complete method that it is. 
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tenkara amago rod
top pick
Price: $169.95 
tenkara usa rhodo rod
killer new rods!
Price: $215.00 
tenkara sato rod
game changer
Price: $215.00 
tfo cutthroat tenkara rod
8'6" Tenkara Rod
Price: $200.00 
tenkara ito rod
the longest
Price: $235.95 
tenkara iwana rod
top trout rod
Price: $157.00 
tenkara yamame rod
for larger fish or bass
Price: $139.95 
tfo soft hackle tenkara rods
10'6" and 11'6"
Price: $225.00