Mad River Outfitters

Enrico Puglisi- EP Flies

The famous Enrico Puglisi's EP Flies! These are some of the coolest and most effective fly and baitfish patterns in the history of fly fishing.....hands down. Below is a sampling of some of our favorites but remember if you don't see what you are looking for here, just let us know and we can order any fly or tying material from Enrico!
Also be sure to see the EP materials in the Fly Tying Department of this website.
Enrico's Big Eyes
formulated for peacock bass but great on any large fish
Price: $8.60 
Enrico's Bluegill
fantastic pattern!
Price: $6.50 
Enrico's Finger Mullet
must have....go-to fly
Price: $6.50 
Enrico's Peanut Butter Flies
one of the best all-around baitfish patterns ever developed!
Price: $6.50 
Enrico's Perfect Minnows
the name says it all! These are sexy!
Price: $5.00 
Enrico's Shad
great looking shad pattern!
Price: $6.50 
Enrico's Spawning Crab
great general crab pattern
Price: $7.00 
Enrico's Spawning Shrimp
great looking shrimp pattern!
Price: $4.80 
Enrico's Tarpon Streamer
classic tarpon flies in a new styling
Price: $6.50 
Wasatch Small Fur Comb
finer than the Griffin
Price: $14.59