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Tilley Hats

In 1980, frustrated that he couldn't find a worthwhile sailing hat, Alex Tilley decided to oversee the making of some 'proper' hats for himself and other Toronto sailors. Long story short, this was the beginning of the legendary Tilley story. They are now recognized as some of the best made hats in the world.
* Insured against loss or grievous damage* Guaranteed for life not to wear out* Available in three fabrics* Secret Pocket* Float* Ventilation* Hydrofil Anti-Sweat Band* Won't shrink* Adjustable, tuckaway, fore-n-aft wind cord* Blissful Comfort* Maximum Sun ProtectionMad River Outfitters is proud to be a full-service dealer for Tilley hats and products.
**Please remember that if you don't see what you are looking for here, use the Special Order category to order it and we'll get it to you....we promise!!! See theSizing Charts for details on how to fit.
T3- Khaki/Olive
the one that started it all!
Price: $74.00 
T3- Natural/Green
the signature hat from Tilley!
Price: $74.00 
T3- Olive
the most sought after Tilley hat!
Price: $74.00 
Tilley T5 Hat
down-sloping brim
Price: $77.00 
Tilley Tec-Wool Duckbill black
great look!
Price: $79.00