Mad River Outfitters

Cement, Glue, Epoxies and Paint

1-Minute Epoxy
from Enrico Puglisi- a favorite of many
Price: $7.89 
clear cure goo flexible syringe
soft, chewy and supple
Price: $12.95 
clear cure goo pearly fleck syringe
with pearlescent glitter
Price: $11.95 
Clear Cure Goo Pro Curing LIght
specifially for CCG
Price: $32.95 
clear cure goo syringe kit
perfect introduction
Price: $54.95 
clear cure goo thick syringe
doesn't flow as fast
Price: $11.95 
thin clear cure goo syringe
best seller
Price: $11.95 
copic air brush starter set
super cool
Price: $29.95 
copic sketch markers for fly tying
as is or airbrush
Price: $6.59 
Dave's Flexament
industry standard- thinner sold here also
Price: $4.99 
Devcon 5 Minute Epoxy
1 fluid ounce
Price: $4.95 
Fly Head Cement
basic head cement- thinner sold here also
Price: $2.75 
griffin head cement applicator jars
needle or brush in cap
Price: $4.45 
hard as hull head cement
from Flip Pallot!
Price: $4.00 
hard as hull 3 pack
save a few bucks
Price: $9.95