Mad River Outfitters

Strike Indicators

 Strike Indicators- or as we say....a fly fisherman's fancy word for a bobber!
 Great selection of our favorite strike indicators listed here......and even a few bobbers!
Floatmaster Indicators- 5/8" Round
steelhead alley favorite!
Price: $5.79 
Floatmaster Replacement Tubing
good to have with you
Price: $3.99 
Fluorescent Yarn Indicators
super high floating- from Lightning Strike!
Price: $3.50 
Lightning Strike Football Indicators
great as strike indicator or float
Price: $4.19 
Loon BioStrike
three colors
Price: $7.50 
Skip's Turn-On Indicators
cool idea!
Price: $6.95 
Thingamabobber Half-n-Half
old school meets new
Price: $4.50 
Thingamabobbers- 1/2"
3/4" singles here
Price: $1.20 
Thingamabobbers- Multi Packs
sweeping the industry!
Price: $5.75 
Wasatch Small Fur Comb
finer than the Griffin
Price: $14.59