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On-River Seminars

On River Seminars

Sunday, April 19th, 2020
Sunday, July 12th, 2020
Carp School
Sunday, July 26th, 2020


Group Size: 15+ | Host: TBD

Spend a day on the water with the guides that fish there! These seminars are geared towards intermediate to advanced fly fishing for trout and smallmouth bass in streams, largemouth bass in lakes and carp in both. They are a full-day of intensive learning- half-day classroom and half-day on the water with techniques and principles applied to actual fishing situations. A great way to learn more about the sport and about local waters.

Highly Recommended beforehand is one of our FREE Beginners Programs and a some basic fly casting skills. Rod and reel set-up and some basic equipment is required. These classes should be viewed as intermediate to advanced and not geared towards "rank beginners". Lunch is not included, please pack one for yourself and bring along.

Necessary Equipment:

• Fly rod and reel set-up (4-6wt for trout schools, 5-7wt for smallmouth, 7-8wt for bass school)
• Appropriate selection of leaders and tippet and flies
• Other basic accessories (nippers, hemostats etc.)
• Appropriate waders (if needed for specific school)
• Fishing vest (personal preference)
• Polarized sunglasses

Topics discussed in our On River Seminars are fairly extensive. Bringing a notepad is recommended!
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