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Fits Socks

Fits SocksFITS™ socks are designed to be the best fitting warm outdoor socks in the industry.  Over 100 years of experience has taught them to recognize the importance of careful, precise sock-fitting based more on total foot volume than foot length.  All FITS™ deliver unique benefits – thanks to superior construction, the highest quality materials, and innovative design.  Fits socks are constructed from two-ply, compact-spun, ultra-fine Merino Wool, providing the ultimate blend of softness and durability.   Their F3 Technology™ delivers a unique form FIT thanks to a deep heel pocket, specialized toe seam, and contoured leg - which keep FITS socks firmly in place.  This means no more bunching, hot spots, or friction, regardless of the task at hand.

Fits Socks are proudly made in the USA!!