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Simms River Camo

Simms is by far one of the most respected and recognized names in the fishing industry.

Developed in conjunction with Veil Camo, Simms River Camo uses mother nature's own mathematical signature in every step, layer, nook and cranny of the design process. Using theories like fractal math, chaos math, and the Golden Mean, the River Camo pattern is designed to distort the fish's ability to detect shape and movement.

• Strong breakup with both large and small shape distortion that blends to work at any distance
• Shape and distortion influenced by both the environment of the Rockies and the way water manipulates light
• Color palette is tuned for the river environment of the Rockies and fish's ability to see and perceive color

Here you will find a full listing of the new Proprietary River Camo products by Simms.

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