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Guide Patterns for Steelhead- Streamers



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Guide Patterns for Steelhead- Streamers
Learn proven patterns for the most exciting way to catch steelhead! Swinging streamer patterns for steelhead has proven an effective and most exciting way to target this great game fish. There is no question when you get a "grab" from a big steelie on a streamer. Both natural and attractor patterns produce fish. Michigan guide Kevin Feenstra has been a pioneer n this style of steelheading. Kevin and veteran steelheader Jerry Darkes, team up to present some of their favorite streamer patterns including the Emulator, Hackle Flash Streamer, Funny Bunny, Luscious Leech and more.Kevin has likely had more experience with streamers for steelhead than anyone else in the Great Lakes region. Through Kevin, Jerry Darkes has helped introduce this style of fishing to the Lake Erie area. Jerry works daily in the fly fishing industry and has been featured in numerous articles and videos on Great Lakes steelheading.If you fly fish for steelhead, give these patterns a try and hang on!

Approximate running time is 58 minutes

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