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Great Lakes Steelhead Chronicles




In the Great Lakes Steelhead Chronicles, Jerry Darkes provides and overview of the developing fishery for this great gamefish through the eyes of local guides and outfitters. Fly fishing for Great Lakes steelhead is often misrepresented and misunderstood by persons from outside the region. This production gives an accurate look at the past and present, plus a glimpse into the future of fly fishing for steelhead in the Great Lakes area.In the Great Lakes Steelhead Chronicles, Jerry and a group of prominent guides/anglers including Kevin Feenstra, Rick Kustich, Bob Linsenmann, Ray Schmidt and others provide a comprehensive look at fly fishing for steelhead throughout the Great Lakes region. Topics include: The Lakes, the Fish, the Rivers, Fly Fishing Heritage and Steelhead Culture, Fishing Techniques and Flies, Economic value and Environmental issues. This new DVD is made possible by Patagonia, Scott Fly Rods and Rio Fly Lines.

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