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Rio Gold Fly Line- CFR




The ultimate, all-round floating line for trout....and now available in the Casting for Recovery Pink color. Proceeds from all sales of these lines go to Casting For Recovery.

The RIO Gold has a revolutionary taper design that gives incredible loop stability at distance, a unique profile that allows a rod to load at close range and a front taper that delivers perfect presentation of flies between sizes #22 and #2. The RIO Gold is the ultimate all round, floating line for the trout fly fisher. The RIO Gold features front biased weight to load rods at close range and a taper design to cast flies between #22 and #2.  It also features a long head for ultimate casting control 

* MaxCast
* MaxFloat
* AgentX Technology

* DualTone
* Front Welded Loop
* Back Welded Loop

The Casting for Recovery Rio Gold fly line sold here in pink....sizes 5,6 and 8 only.

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