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Simms Exstream Flex Glove

SKU # 10705014-



Sheathed in plush Polartec® Powershield Pro™ fabric, gloves block the wind and wet, while a DWR coated stretch-fleece layer delivers stalwart warmth-to-weight performance. Keep gloves on through an arctic front, and unleash thumb, index, and middle fingers via strategic openings activated for line management and knot-tying tasks.


* Polartec® Power Shield® Pro fabric is highly water-resistant; water-resistant DWR coated stretch-fleece has a high warmth-to-weight ratio and allows for excellent dexterity
* Openings at thumb, index and middle fingers allow quick access for line management and knot tying
* FABRIC TECH:: Polartec® Power Shield® Pro
* APPROX. WEIGHT:: 3.2 oz
* Simms Exstream Flex Gloves- item # 10705014

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