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Tenkara Floating Level Line



This is basically the line described in the book "Simple Fly Fishing" that everyone has been looking for. We have custom designed these though and feel that we have the best casting and best performing line on the market!!!

A custom level floating line for all Tenkara rods that work more like a standard fly line than the traditional tenkara lines or traditional level lines. You DO add a leader to the end (included) like standard western fly fishing.

We have added a standard connector like on Tenkara traditional or Mad River Outfitters furled lines, so you can easily attach these to the lilian like you are used to. We have then added a loop in the front so that you can loop leaders on-and-off.

The leader provided is a custom tied that we have developed especially for these lines. It is: 4" .015" Maxima Ultragreen, 2'  .013" Maxima Ultragreen, 1' .012" Maxima Ultragreen, 6" .010" Maxima Ultragreen and then we have added a tippet ring. You just need to add 2-4' of tippet at the end. Each line comes with this custom butt section but they are also sold seperately here. Another leader that works well with these is the Rio Suppleflex...which we have now listed in this category. (It is VERY important though that the butt section of your leader be "limp" and no larger than .015" or these lines will not work as well)

These custom Tenkara lines cast like a dream and come in 10', 15' and 20' lengths.

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