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TFO Fly Line




TFO Fly Lines...ultimate performance, unparalleled price!

What's the best line for my rod?

Selecting the right line for your rod can be very frustrating- not to mention expensive. Temple Fork Outfitters and Cortland have combined their fishing expertise to create the highest performance, affordable fly line on the market. Not only will the line's features satisfy the most demanding anglers, but they are specifically designed to maximize the performance of your TFO rods (as well as just about any other brand).

* Cortland's Precision Shooting Technology
* High-Quality Braided Nylon Core with Welded Loop
* Color Optimization for Stealth on the Water and Maxiumum Visibility in the Air
* Engineered for Use in Fresh or Saltwater

"The unique taper and protective coating of the TFO fly line is ideal for all fishing scenarios, from frigig northern waters to punishing tropical locales. It can precisely cast bulky, weighted flies as well as tiny midge flies with precision"- Bob Clouser

"What a great all-around taper and the finish really lets you shoot line"- Lefty Kreh

TFO High Performance Fly Lines come in 1-4 wt at 82 feet and 5-10 and 12wt at 90 feet.

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