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Larry's Tenkara 101 Book




A handy little guide book for those just getting into Tenkara style fishing. Put together by TFO and Larry V. Notley, it is a cool reference book for the basics of making sense of Tenkara and putting it all together.

Topics include:
* Introduction
* Selecting a Tenkara Rod
* Line Holders
* Rod Grip
* Knots
* Lillian
* Lillian Overhand Knot
* Replace the Lillian
* Attaching the Leader to Lillian
* Tenkara Rod Basics
* Extending and Collapsing the Rod
* Stuck Segments
* Stuck Thinner Pieces
* Opening a Tenkara Rod
* Closing a Tenkara Rod
* Tenkara Casting Stroke
* Landing a Fish
* Leader Construction

Larry's Tenkara 101 Book- "Flies from Heaven"- by Larry V. Notley- 26 pages

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