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Croakies Bonefish Belt

SKU # BA2A0120M



Fashion and Function come together to hold up the pants of the obsessed angler. Croakies brings us these super cool fish belts that are proving to be wildly popular with out customers. Perfect casual belts for those that want to show their passion, but also great for on-the water pursuits as they won't be harmed by getting wet or salty. The artisan buckles on these look great and are super easy.

The prints are designed with the fisher and outdoorsman in mind.

* Fits any waist up to 42 inches
* comfortable, sporty and simplified
* metal Artisan Buckle- a Croakies exclusive
* 1-1/8 in. printed polyester band
* all belts can be trimmed to correct waist size
* Designed & Assembled in U.S.A.
* Croakies Bonefish Belt here- item #BA2A0120M

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