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Fly Tying Kit- Premium

SKU # KIT-250



From our friends and Raymond C. Rumpf comes this premium fly tying kit. Although again very entry level, this kit does contain a bit better vise than some of the other economy kits out there. Well worth the extra $10-$20. The materials in this kit tend to be a bit better quality than some of the others as well. The "Fly Tying- How to Get Started" book is far superior to most books included with kits and makes this one of the best values out there.

Kit Includes:
* Vise- FlyMaster
* Flymaster Bodkin
* Flymaster Bobbin
* Flymaster Scissors
* Flymaster Hackle Pliers
* 25 Assorted Hooks: wet fly, nymph, streamer and dry fly
* Instruction Booklet
* Fly Head cement
* Thread
* Assorted Floss
* Poly Yarn
* Bucktail
* Foam Sheet
* Pearl and Rainbow Poly Flash
* Tinsel
* Assorted Ultra Chenilile
* Wax
* Saddle Hackle
* Mallard Flank
* Muskrat
* Duck Quills
* Peacock Herl
* Deer Hair
* Pheasant Rump
* Marabou
* Dubbing Fur
* Pheasant Tail
* Dry Fly Hackle

Premium Fly Tying Kit from Raymond C. Rumpf and Sons- includes tools, instructions and materials

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