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Around the Next Bend

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With writing the Nick Lyons has described as "quietly but fiercely independent, free from the commercialism that cloaks the fly fishing world like a fungus" author Jerry Kustich tackles a range of subjects in his latest book, from fly fishing contests and world records to the difficult subject of the death of loved ones. But whether writing about epic catches of memorable fish, pristine wilderness rivers, or the Booboys' controversial departure from R.L. Winston Rod Company, for Kustich the story of loss is linked to the story of hope, and both are reflected in the water we fish: "Peace flows through rivers, these ribbons joining one generation to another in spiritual unity, but also pain."

Although "Around the Next Bend", the third book in a triilogy that spans the author's life spent fly fishing and working in the fly fishing business, is in part a somber look at the ways all things must come to an end, it is alaso about beginnings- whether that is starting a new company; making a new life in the small town of Twin Bridges, Montana after having been robbed by backwoods Idaho thieves; or the act of storytelling itself. And as Kustich points out, despite the constant change around him, which can sometimes be chaos, he is still able to find brief moments of timelss perfection on the water. And the ability of wild places and rivers to transport the spirit long after one has experienced them is a controlling theme in this collection of essays.

In this intimate and lyrical book, Kustich shares with readers his "sense of journey, place and wonder" that are part of what he calls the "fly fishing state of mind": catching forbidden fish in an Edenic wilderness, night fishing for giant browns on the Big Hole River, fishing in Alaska for "tarpon of the north", or simply recollecting moments in which the mood on the river was just rights and full of promise- when the "warmth of a passing day lingered with the sweet fragrance of new beginnings as hordes of caddis danced like there was no tomorrow."

Around the Next Bend- Jerry Kustich- hardback

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