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Redington Vapen Red




Fly rods have cork grips right? It's just the way it's always been done. But guess what? In the 300+ years since Izaak Walton was flicking flies, people have come up with some better materials. Case in point, Redington partnered up with Winn Grips (of golf fame) to create an entirely new, non-slip polymer grip that, quite frankly, blows cork out of the water. This season, Redington offers this new grip as part of their Vapen Red Collection, which is built with a cutting-edge, priprietary X-Wrap construction for lighter weight, more power and improved tracking. This is fast, powerful, ultra-modern performance at it's best. Not to mention the most award winning fly rod of 2013 worldwide.


* X-Wrap graphite technology for maximum vibration dampening, strength and torsional stability
* PowerGrip-Our custom collaboration with Winn Grips, Non-slip Polymer Grip Technology. Reduces fatigue and amplifies power
* Carbon fiber reel seat insert and custom anodized reel seat highlights
* Alignment dots for easy setup
* Custom logo designed grip
* High Quality black suede bag
* Integrated composite cork, superior durability
* Machined hidden hook keepers
* Lifetime Warranty 

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