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Fly Tying Bass Flies- Dave Whitlock DVD

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From a floating hair bug to a bottom-bouncing jig and two flies for in-between, legendary fly fisherman and innovative fly tyer Dave Whitlock teaches you to tie four of his favorites. Using an easy-to-follow, step-by-step presentation, Dave describes and demonstrates each stage of the fly tying process.

With over 50 years of fly fishing experience to offer, this pioneer of techniques and flies for catching bass serves as your personal, in-home instructor. He takes you through the selection and preparation of fly tying materials and shows how the materials perform underwater. He also discusses the most effective use of these four flies.

This video also presents many of Dave's fly tying shortcuts, tricks and secrets. You'll gain a better understanding of the strategy behind fly tying and fishing as Dave discusses his theories of bass behavior that are based on scientific research and on-the-water experience. This is an authoritative DVD about tying flies for bass and is intended for all levels of fly tyers.

"Fly Tying Bass Flies with Dave Whitlock"- DVD 

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