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Rio Pike/Musky - Intermediate




Rio's Pike and Musky line features a shorter, more aggressive head than the previous range of Pike/Musky lines and has been specifically designed to maximize the performance of the new Sage Pike/Musky rod, but works equally as well on whatever rod you are tossing.

A short, powerful head easily turns over the largest of flies, and the braided core ensures a relaxed, memory-free performance in coldwater conditioins. A thick handling section allows anglers to carry longer lengths of line than the average short-headed fly line.

This is the Intermediate head version which comes in Clear Camo/Chartreuse. This line is also available in a full floating version

* Rio's Agent X coating
* XS Technology
* Dual tone
* Front welded loop
* Back welded loop.

This is the line that SAGE includes with their Pike and Musky rods. The Pike comes with the 10wt and the Musky comes with the 11wt.

Rio's Pike and Musky fly line is available in line weights 8-11 and is clearly the most advanced line of it's kind to date.

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